Masks of Nyarlathotep

Now in production is the most massive episode of Dark Adventure yet conceived. Based on the beloved Chaosium role-playing supplement, this will be a gigantic production over six hours in length and with more props than usual.

In Masks of Nyarlathotep, the death of a dear old friend and an investigation into a doomed archeological expedition spiral into a global investigation with dire repercussions. Can a handful of intrepid investigators make a stand against an insidious and bloodthirsty cult? Can a diabolical conspiracy be thwarted before a doomsday plan comes to fruition? Is there any hope for mankind against the machinations of an Elder God or will they meet only despair, death and madness?

The 400+ page script weighs in at over two pounds, but it's fully recorded and we're well along with the post production process (editing, sound design, music, mixing, mastering). We anticipate the "standard edition" of the show will come on a set of six CDs, with twenty bonus prop documents. We will also be releasing an expanded version that will include many, many more prop documents plus some other very special bonuses. And we are offering a limited edition insanely deluxe version that will feature more than 100 props, including artifacts. For role playing gamers, we offer a special Gamers Prop Set that will include all the props you need to actually play Chaosium's game. (Some props needed for the show are not needed for the game, and some needed for the game are not needed for the show.)

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Because this episode cannot be contained in a standard jewel case, the bonus props will be packaged separately. The "standard edition" of the show comes with 20 prop documents, including:

  • A telegram from a desperate author
  • A letter from a dubious dragoman
  • Two cards from suspicious businesses
  • The matchbox of a Shanghai bar
  • A photo of a mysterious ship
  • The handbill for an alarming lecture
  • A final mystifying message from a doomed friend
  • A page torn from Africa's Dark Sects
  • A complete half page from the New York Pillar/Riposte
  • A cocktail napkin from an exotic Soho nightspot
  • Blueprints for a futuristic weapon
  • A photo of a powerful ancient artifact
  • A map of archeological wonders at Dahshur
  • A map of sinister sites in Africa
  • A complete half page from the Nairobi Star
  • A photo of untold ruins in the Australian desert
  • Four full pages from a madman's manuscript
  • The translation of a crucial passage from one of seven cryptical books
  • A note from someone who knows secrets
  • Track Listing

    So very many. Still in development.

    Cast and Crew

    Based on the 7th Edition version Call of Cthulhu gaming supplement "Masks of Nyarlathotep", by Larry DiTillio and Lynn Willis, et al., under license from Chaosium, Inc.
    Written by Sean Branney & Andrew Leman
    Original music by Troy Sterling Nies

    Produced by Sean Branney and Andrew Leman

    Script, Liner Notes & More

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